Top 10 experiences on board a taxi in France

One of the common ways of travel in a big cites is take a taxi and go around or go where you want. Travel in a taxi can give you a unique experience and exist a lot of experience and stories. The probability of never see the same driver again give a sensation of privacy exceptional and if you start a conversation with the driver create a unique atmosphere that sometimes end in wonderful things.

In this article we recollect the experience of some customer of taxis in France and please enjoy this stories. Some of the stories are from people who visited France and take a French taxy for the first time in their life. As a clarification CDG is the international airport in Paris.

The first experience begun with:

Jules Bronson: He went to Paris with his family in 2016 and they are from England, they spent 4 days in August 201 in Paris and, when not walking, used taxis to go between places including sights, airport and Gare du Lyontransfers. they were two adults and two children. Overall experience was not great and they recommend be prepared for the following:

– if you are going to or from airport or train station, you will be charged €1 per bag

– many taxi companies (but not all) including G7 charge €3 for the fourth passenger per taxi ride. So if you are going on a short journey in the city which might cost €6 on a meter, you will have to pay €9. Some of the drives either do not tell you that until the end, or tell you that while you are on the way already. headvises you to check with a taxi driver ( visitez le site ) for supplement charges before you agree to use their service.

– passenger seat quite often contains driver’s belongings (bags, bottles of water, clothes, etc) and several times we were asked to squeeze at the back – four of them! Of course, they did not use these taxis.

Carlos Zubisarreta: He is from Spain and he has been challenged on fare or directions, most of the taxi drivers became very aggressive. For example, the taxi driver who drove them from the airport, did not know the way to their apartment despite having his satnav set. They picked this up as he started driving around the same area for the second time, he gave him the map of the area I had with them and politely indicated him (driver) where to go. So at the end when they suggested that they should not be charged extra € 5 for taking them round and round, he (driver) became very rude and started shouting at the in front of our children demanding the amount for the full fare plus tip. On another occasion I asked the driver why was he taking us from Les Invalides to Pompidou Center via Opera area, he also became very aggressive, saying that he knew what he was doing and taxis in Paris were much cheaper than in Madrid so we should not complain Please be prepared for this sort of comment should you be seen from Spain.

He must also say that he had two or three good taxi drivers and they were nice and polite and got him from A to B.

Maria Magahales: She is from Brazil and she went to France on 2018, she used the UBER service and for her Uber works fine in Paris, as does the local alternative Chauffeur Privé (which she prefers in Paris, although she uses Uber in other cities). She explains us that during periods of high demand, the “surge pricing” should not be a surprise to anyone accustomed to the app, since it clearly shows what the amount of “surge increase percent” will be, as well as exactly what the bottom-line cost will be for the trip. Then it’s up to the customer to decide if they want to accept at that price or just go look for a taxi.

Just one thing to be careful about for either app: much better to manually enter the exact address of your pick-up location rather than let the app “locate” you. Her experience has been that sometimes the app can “locate” you around the corner or across the street on a busy intersection, and it can be more difficult for the driver to find you & for you to see that your car is waiting. Much better if you manually enter the pick-up address yourself, so the driver knows exactly where to get you.

Claire Dyne: She visited France in 2011 with 4 members of her family and she carried a lot of luggage she told us that there will be mini-van type TAXI PARISIAN available at the regular taxi rank at Gare du Nord (simply we just have to walk to the end of our train’s arrival platform…turn Right onto the main concourse of the station…and walk straight ahead until we ‘bump into’ it). These mini-van type taxis will handle your party and luggage without difficulty.

Bear in mind that there will be a 2,70€ surcharge for the 4th passenger and a 1€ per bag (after the 1st) surcharge for luggage. This amount will be ADDED separately to the amount shown on the taxi meter. It is NOT any sort of ‘tourist rip-off’…but rather part and parcel of the OFFICAIL Pari taxi fare schedule. NO tip for the driver is included within either the metered fare or surcharges.

TesaFistgerald: She is from the United State and went to France recently, she used the service of G7 (this is a app for book a taxi) and she has a little issue, she told us that The problem with booking G7 online is that you have to have working mobile phone. During booking process, they send you text (sms) containing code to use as the last cross-confirmation of your online booking.

During her last visit couple months ago she had a tablet, but no phone.As a result – website registration is kind of pointless. she wouldn’t load cc info on their website as well. she had to ask someone to use their phone (she rented an apartment) to call English speaking operator to book an early taxi pick-up.

Joan Esposito: He is Italian and went to France for business travel he used a private taxy company but also used a regular taxi service and he told us that he used this private car company twice with no issue, it is not a shuttle bus, you do not prepay, so no risk to try it.

The service I have used is called Shuttle-Inter, but as I said, it is a car service.A normal taxi from Orly to ET would roughly run 35-40 euros, but you will have to pay one euro each for your bigger luggage, plus , as is legal and normal, you will pay 3-4 euros extra for each person in a taxi over 2,, so you see anyways you add it up , it is not cheap to move 7 people around. Taxi or car is still a good deal though as public transport is not good enough.

Paris Adorjany: She is from Canada, but she considers herself a French born because almost all her life lives in France by her experience with the taxis service in of her trips to France she told us she  initially was going with the taxi from CDG to her hotel in the 5th but at the last minute decided to go with Bee Shuttle and made reservations for both from the airport and back to the airport when it was time to go home. The ride from CDG went off without a hitch but they failed to show for the return drive and when the concierge called them they just said they weren’t coming, no explanation, they just weren’t coming. Try to get a taxi in Parison a Friday first thing in the morning. Had it not been for the efforts of the concierge at the HCF we would have missed our flight. So, word to the wise, follow the advice of the people of your Hotel and now me, DO NOT BOOK A SHUTTLE, take the taxi or if you are close and don’t have too much luggage the reservation of a taxi It is just not worth the aggravation.

Charles Oliviera: he is from Portugal, also went to France and he has done both the taxi and the shuttle. Once, at CDG he had a mix-up with the shuttle about which terminal they were picking him up at (only because AirFrance, for whatever reason, actually dumped them into a different terminal than they had originally said they were). Once he called them and explained where he was they came immediately and apologized profusely. Other than that, he has never had a problem with a shuttle to or from CDG (KNOCK ON WOOD) –he has used three times now with no troubles. But, there is always a first time for everything…perhaps next time he may not will be so lucky.

He has asked concierges in two different Paris hotels to schedule a taxi for him to leave the next morning and they both refused. Apparently this is not done. One said he would have to get a taxi himself the next morning, the other said that he would be much better off with a shuttle and booked one for me (which he had no problem with and was less expensive than a taxi).

Suzanne Grove: She is from England and she live in Paris, On December 6 of 2017she booked a shuttle to pick up 4 friends of mine at CDG.

The shuttle did arrive as a scheduled and took them to their hotel.Upon arrival at the hotel her friend realized she did not have one of her bags. she called Parishuttle immediately and was told that they had radioed the driver and that he was bringing the bag to the hotel. After a few hours her friend phoned them again and was told again that the driver had found the bag and would be bringing it to the hotel. A few hours later she called again and was told that they would not send a driver to deliver the bag and that if they were so irresponsible about leaving the bag in the first place then that was just too bad. Long story short, they never got the bag back. She is very disappointed and embarrassed to say the least.

Carolyn Newton: She went to France with her couple and they were in Paris second week of April 2016. they took a taxi Parisian from CDG, and they took Golden Air shuttle TO CDG. they were so delighted with their choices that they would do it exactly the same when they go back to Paris.After a long non-stop flight from Chicago, they wanted hassle-free transportation in Paris. The taxi was perfect for that. Yes, a little pricey around 50 euros, but they feel the convenience was worth it.

The shuttle was only 38 euros, and the curb-to-curb service was exactly what they were looking for. Golden Air was punctual, pleasant, and reliable. they reserved months in advance, emailed a confirmation, and then their Paris hotel called in a second confirmation the day before he headed for home just to make sure the time had not changed.

they realize that they could have saved some euros by taking the reservation or the Roissy bus or the Air France bus, but it is a vacation! No waiting at the airport, no luggage-dragging through the subway, no phoning just a happy travel with my couple.

That were our top 10 experience on a taxi in France, as you read you found good experience and bad one, but from the experience we learn and take choices that will benefit us and remember a trip in a taxi will be a possible adventure. Have a nice trip.

Hebert Ortega